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Need a Tune Up on Life Skills? Try LifeLabs



    In New York, there are classes available for anything you could ever want to learn; whether it's educational, sports-related, or becoming the next tastemaker. Whatever it is, a quick search online will likely get you to the right point.  But have you ever heard of taking a class on life? No, we're not talking volunteering for a psych experiment or signing up for sessions with a shrink. We're talking LifeLabs, a "school" to help you become a better you!

    Here's a list of some of the courses:

    Yapper Lab: The art of great conversation
    In this lab, you'll talk yourself out of a speeding ticket, ask for a raise, and take your conversation skills to the next level.

    Girl Can't Dance Class
    Learn how to look good dancing to any beat.

    Look Good Lab
    Figure out your style.


    Wonder. Awe. Hidden notes. Learn to use the science of surprise to shift things from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Sense School: 5 Senses Training

    Reboot your five senses and connect to the world in an exciting new way.

    So, whatever it is you need some brushing up on… Trust us, you'll come out with no marks and completely improved. You only gain "exciting new perspectives on life, work, love, and fun!" You will be better at life, and plus, you'll get these pretty sweet merit badges once you've mastered a class.

    Enrollment is going on now at LifeLabs New York.