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When It Comes to Desserts, BK's Holding Down the Fort



    Now if The General Greene didn't have us sold a few years back (watch here) on their delicious dishes and hunky chef owner, Nicholas Morgenstern, then they know that sweets are another way to our hearts. Fort Grace Ice Cream & Sweet Shop here we come! The dessert joint is now taking up shop in the back of the ever-popular restaurant and delivers desserts with the same thought for creativity and quality.

    Pastry chef Kelli Bradfield takes us on a saccharine adventure with inventive flavors and new takes on traditional dessert favorites. Our friends at DailyCandy swear by the banana split and tell us that you can request future ice cream flavors to come back for. So, let the brainstorming begin! At Fort Grace, the options seem bottomless.

    Tune in to our "unique desserts" episode of 1st Look this Saturday after Saturday Night Live on NBC.

    Fort Grace Ice Cream & Sweet Shop
    229 DeKalb Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11205