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2-Year-Old Sings "Happy Birthday" to Her Papi

2-year-old Alexandria Sofia Iglesias leaves an adorable video for her father.



    Two-year-old Alexandria Sofia Iglesias warms your heart by leaving an adorable video for her father. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013)

    Toddler Alexandria Sofia Iglesias really loves her Papi and now the whole world knows it.

    In a YouTube video posted last week, the 2-year-old girl sings Happy Birthday to her father Javier Iglesias.

    Amanda Martin, little Iglesias' mother, and a teacher at Renaissance Charter School in Tamarac said the video was originally posted on Facebook for family who live in Colombia. She did not expect the video to go viral. The YouTube video now has over 511,000 views.

    “Thank you for being my Papi. I love you very much,” said Iglesias in the video. She then blows kisses to the camera and says “You have the best besitos ever.”

    Iglesias not only loves her Papi, but she loves Florida sports teams including the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and even the Florida Gators.

    Martin says Iglesias’ first words were “basketball games” as they would get ready to watch Miami Heat games together.

    “I like to watch sports with Papi,”said Iglesias. She then shouted “Go Heat, Go Heat” and “Lebron James.”

    Martin said she is not sure if she will upload another video yet, but she definitely would love her to meet Ellen DeGeneres as her favorite movie is “Finding Nemo.” DeGeneres is the voice of Dory, one of the characters.

    Little Iglesias' father cried when he saw the video. “He watched it like a million times,” said Martin. The video took about one hour to record and took over six hours to edit.

    Martin said she added subtitles to the video so you can understand her better.

    As the video ends, she warms your heart by singing “Happy Birthday” and ending the video with some cute besitos.