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Bread and Butter Delivers Cuban Classics with a Modern Twist



    Bread and Butter, Alberto Cabrera's highly anticipated Cuban gastro-pub recently opened Coral Gables, and serves Cuban delights with a modern twist.

    Cabrera’s family hails from Cuba, his father’s wizardry in the kitchen rubbed off on him, a photo of the Cabrera men hangs on the wall, along with several other vintage family photos.

    Every dish at Bread and Butter is exquisitely prepared and the service at this cozy, rustic joint is impeccable- that may explain why you can expect to wait in a long line during peak lunch and dinner times. 

    There's the tamal en casuela- served in a crock, topped with rabo encendido (ox tail) and a fried egg (the ultimate in comfort food); the grilled cheese made with two types of cheese and stuffed with braised pork and grilled onions and the decadent sweet plantains wrapped in bacon. 

    The goat cheese flan served in a tin can, accompanied by a cortadito is the perfect ending to the meal.  Other treats include the pan con lechon, which is served in a steamed pork bun, and the too-big-for one person pan con bistec (steak sandwich).

    Also enjoy:  meatballs, pastelitos, fritas, Cuban sandwiches, chicharrones, and palitroques, all with a creative spin- think: braised lamb filling, Napa cabbage, Sriracha ketchup; and fish, duck and charcuterie with the more traditional staple of pork, and homemade bacon and sausage, jams, butter and whipped fat option (we won’t elaborate on THAT!) for guests who favor flavor and throw calorie counting to the wind. 

    Bread and Butter is open for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday; and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.  Arrive early, as the lines start to get long by 5 p.m.