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Carlos Mencia Loves Miami

Carlos Mencia expresses what he loves best about South Florida



    Carlos Mencia

    Comedian Carlos Mencia is town for a run of weekend shows at the Fort Lauderdale Improv. He spoke with Kelly Craig on 6 in the Mix about his time growing up in a big household. (Published Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013)

    Comedian Carlos Mencia loves Miami. 

    The atmosphere and culture makes it feel like home to Mencia, who is from Honduras, and while he enjoys performing at local comedy clubs, he say’s South Florida is very South American.
    “I don’t think there’s any city in America that has many South Americans as you have here,” said Mencia, who will be at the Fort Lauderdale Improv this weekend.
    “It’s just fun for me because I have so many friends in so many places and when it comes to stand up, I actually like talking about that stuff.”
    Mencia said his knowledge of various Latin cultures helps him engage with the audience.
    “I can connect with somebody from Argentina, or Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, America, or wherever,” he said.
    When Mencia is in Miami, he loves to eat! With the variety of food choices that South Florida offers, he always knows where to grab a bite. “If I want Venezuelan food I know a place to go, If I want Cuban food I know a place to go, if I want high-end Cuban food I know a place to go. If I want Mexican food, I go to Homestead, etc.”
    But he somehow ends up at Versailles, or La Carreta. His favorite dish? Picadillo. A dish made with ground beef, white rice, tomatoes, and other ingredients.
     “I don’t know why but that’s the one dish that just, I gotta have at one point,” Mencia said.
    He said one of the things he enjoys most about Miami is that there is always something to do.
    “It’s awesome. Love the atmosphere, love the people, love it,” he said.
    After a late night of partying, he enjoys stopping by Flanigans at the Grove and eating ribs.
     “We walk in there drunk, with Irish accents, looking all brown, saying ‘Hey I love Flanigans!’  No one takes things that serious over here, and it’s fun. I love that I know those places are here," Mencia said.
    After a break on television, Mencia said he’s ready to return.
    “I’ve been doing the road, trying to get back into the roots of where I come from and I feel like, I got it again in a different way because when I lost weight, I had to change the way I delivered my comedy. I couldn’t say the same things anymore and when I did, people weren’t laughing like they used to and that comes weird for me,” Mencia said.
    While Mencia plans to make his way back into television with a new TV show, he said he feels more comfortable in his own skin and that he should be making his way on TV within the next six months.
    “I’m comfortable with who I am and what I do. And I don’t have to fight anyone about it anymore. I don’t have to fight myself more importantly.”