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Cuban Puppet Pepe Billete Says Miami Heat Fans Need to Stay for Game 7



    After almost dying of a heart attack during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Pepe Billete is ready for Game 7.

    The notorious Cuban puppet is planning a trip to the vitamin store to get medicine for his heart.

    “Mira, look, I’ve done a lot of things in my life, I’ve put a lot of things in my body that have hurt me, but yesterday I was staring at death -- por poco me da un ataque al corazón,” Pepe Billete said.

    To calm down, he said he had to go on Vine to watch kitten and baby videos, which helped slow down his heart.

    But Pepe Billete is much better now and he will be sitting courtside at Thursday’s game.

    “LeBron is like a superhero! El tipo puede tirar like Superman,” Pepe Billete said.

    Pepe Billete said he is sure that a week from today, the LeBron haircut will be the most popular thing in Miami.

    The puppet, known for his loud, and often crude Spanglish banter, also said that with his recent popularity on mainstream media, he is learning to keep things clean and appropriate.

    “Before it was just YouTube and saying hello to my friends,” he said. “But now I have to be careful with what I say and do.”

    As for Thursday’s game, Pepe Billete said he has a warning for the fans:

    “If you’re going to the game, make sure you don’t leave in the last 20 seconds."

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