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Flamenco Dancer Siudy Garrido Brings New Show to Miami

Flamenco artist Siudy Garrido, will be performing her latest work “Siudy Flamneco Intimo” in Miami on Oct.19.



    Flamenco artist Siudy Garrido, has been dancing since she was a little girl. She took the art after her mom and grew up around a flamenco culture in her native Venezuela. In recent years, she has been recognized for putting together flamenco shows such as “Entre Mundos,” which had worldwide recognition.

    After her previous success, Garrido focused on a new show “Siudy Flamneco Intimo,” which will show in Miami on Oct.19.

    The dancer shared her love for flamenco and some of her future goals with NBC 6's Latin Beat.

    What does Flamenco mean to you?

    Flamenco has been my best confidant, life partner, with whom I shared moments of love, disappointment, hatred , passion and absolute dedication , is where I feel best , with which I can express myself fully.

    As you look back at your career, what are you most proud of?

    I am very proud of my company. Today I have dancers and musicians, which I have been working with for eight and 10 years. Too see the artistic growth of each of my dancers regardless of nationality makes me very proud. Of all the creations of my company, Entre Mundos is a work that has brought and to continues to bring great satisfaction, every time the function starts and I see the artistic level of this show, it makes me feel that we have to keep moving forward.

    How has it been to engage in the Spanish culture as a Venezuelan?

    I grew up with flamenco at home, my mother was a dancer and choreographer who has dedicated her life to teaching this art. She is one of the pioneers of flamenco in my native Venezuela , and since childhood I had the opportunity to be part of this world .

    What do you think of the Flamenco culture in the U.S.? Do you think there is a growing interest?

    For me, flamenco is a universal art, which can be interpreted by anyone who thoroughly understands its essence and is trained to interpret it technically, no matter what their nationality is. In U.S. there is a lot of fondness for flamenco, there is a wonderful audience for the shows, but I think it still has not imposed the hobby to study it as in other countries.

    What are you expecting from your performance in Miami?

    We are really excited to release “Flamenco Intimo" in Miami, after the success of “Entre Mundos” it’s a big challenge to come up with a new show. We took a year working on this new proposal theatrical, original music, choreography, costumes, staging. We’re really excited to share these intimate moments with the public. Our expectations are to communicate, that this show sets a standard, a before and after in those who have the chance to see it.

    What do you see in the future of your career?

    I want to continue creating original works that endure over time, I want to contribute my grain of sand to bring art Flamenco to big productions , open to all audiences, do shows that connect with all audiences and especially that when the curtain open, a high level of talent shows, regardless of their origin or nationality.