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Flo Rida Talks New Album, Staying Healthy and Hanging in Miami



    Flo Rida enjoys hanging at the beach, playing football with his youth football league and chats about his new album being released soon. (Published Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013)

    Tramar Dillard, better known as Flo Rida, has become a well-known artist with his up-tempo music and radio hits.

    Born and raised in Carol City, Flo Rida has been seen across the nation in concerts and on national shows including NBC’s Today Show and The Voice.

    While Flo Rida is busy traveling around the country, when’s he at home he said his favorite thing to do is hangout at the beach with his family and friends.

    “You know at this point I get a chance to go out and take out the yacht and have fun,” he said.

    Flo Rida said his favorite restaurant is Prime 112 but staying healthy is a priority that he makes sure he accomplishes.

    “It’s very important to stay fit. If I don’t stay fit I probably won’t last on stage,” Flo Rida said.

    Supporting the youth is one thing Flo also enjoys doing. He started up a youth football league called “Florida Youth Football League” which gives children the chance to compete.

    "Anytime I get the chance to enjoy a football game, anything like that, I’m always going out to enjoy that," he said.

    His new album, “The Perfect 10” is expected to be released soon which includes a song in collaboration with “Mr. 305’s” Pitbull, named “Can’t Believe It.”

    Next week, Flo Rida will appear on NBC’s "The Voice," where he will perform his new hit single “How I Feel," which will be featured on his new album, set to be released soon.

    South Florida locals can catch a glimpse of the artist next week, as Flo Rida will serve as grand marshal of the “Great Grove Bed Race” taking place in Coconut Grove on Sunday.