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Get Ready For Summer With The Hottest Hair Trends



    Award season represents a lot more than celebrities giving and receiving accolades. It is a time when beauty experts and fans alike are watching for the latest hair, make-up, and nail trends for the upcoming season.

    Latin Beat spoke to celebrity stylist Gabriel Samra, who has worked with Paulina Rubio, Maite Perroni, and Ricky Martin among others, about the hottest looks for summer and who should be daring enough to wear them.

    First things first, before we can discuss color or cuts, we should mention that each season you need to switch up your products. The summer, especially here in Miami where we experience summer-like weather for most of the year, can be pretty hot and humid.

    “The summer consists of three things: sun, heat, and the beach,” Samra said. “All that exposure leaves us with dry hair so we must always find a way to keep it hydrated. Every time you wash your hair, use shampoos and conditioners with hydrating agents."

    "I also recommend using less of your heating tools like irons and hair dryers. You should try to minimize damaging hair further all summer long.”

    Celebrities have become more daring when it comes to cutting inches off their hair. Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, and Miley Cyrus have all made drastic changes to their looks and fans are desperate to follow suit.

    “Unfortunately a pixie cut doesn't look great on everybody. It works best on oval shaped faces and even on some square faces if you leave the hair length a bit longer. If you have a round face, I don’t recommend this look for you. But there are plenty of other short looks that would work. Look to Selena Gomez, Fergie and Jessica Alba for inspiration.”

    Color is almost as important as cut, and Samra suggests that the natural look is the way to go. Popular shades that are seasonal may look nice in a magazine or on a dying kit, but you should always consult a professional before taking the plunge.

    “Color is very important so I suggest to never go by trends when it comes to hair color. You should always look to your skin tone and eye color when choosing a new shade. Always consult your hair stylist/colorist before making a drastic change. The natural look is always, in.”

    Gabriel Samra Salon is located at 3035 Coral Way, Miami.