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Memo Ibarra Reinvents With Alerta Zero



    Former “Alacranes Musical” singer Memo Ibarra is ready to reboot his career alongside Sahrel Lopez, Jose Luis Carrisoza, Andres Gutierrez Jr., Pedro Celis, Joel Rosales, Narciso Rodriguez, and Miguel Montero as part of the group, “Alerta Zero.” But this time, he is doing it all in front of the cameras.

    Mun2 recently premiered the latest addition to their reality series family, “Alerta Zero”, where audiences followed the “fab-eight” as they leave family and friends behind to reinvent themselves and their music during the one-hour, 10-episode series airing Saturdays at 3 p.m. EST.

    Recently “Alerta Zero” discussed what viewers could expect from the series, how much drama will the network will actually show, and whether or not they would be open to dating a fan.

    What can viewers expect to see on the show?
    Gutierrez: “The reality show is going to give viewers insight into the private lives of each member. We all moved into a house and you see us practicing, going out, basically all of the behind-the-scenes action. There are eight of us guys living together with different personalities and it’s tough. You will learn who the members are that have trouble being punctual, the drama, and the fights.”

    Ibarra: “This show means a lot to, not just us as a group, but to regional Mexican music. For a big network like Mun2 to take interest in such a young group for a reality show is unheard of. We are extremely proud that it will have a positive message and will show viewers our modest pasts. I openly share my experience as a dishwasher and construction worker because I am not ashamed of the hard work that I put into making my dreams come true. It’s a very important message that I would like to spread to everyone watching.”

    All of you are fluent in English. Is the language integrated into your music at all?

    Celis: “All of us have Mexican roots and our music is purely regional Mexican, so we stick to only singing in Spanish. But during our personal time you will see more of our Mexican-American side, which includes our frequent use of the English language. “

    Lopez: “We are a young group and we are open to bringing a new flavor to our traditional style of music. For example, it would be great to introduce some hip-hop or to do a song all in English. We try a lot of different things to keep our sound fresh.”

    Will we see any of you going on dates?
    Lopez: “You will definitely get to see a more romantic and crazy side to us! My band mates Joel and Miguel are the biggest flirts with the ladies.”

    Rosales: “In one episode you will see Miguel and I go on a date with a couple of girls. We took them out to dinner and spent some time getting to know them better. You will even see girls kiss me while I’m on stage!

    Would you ever date a fan?
    Rosales: “I’ve already gone out with a few fans in the past but I don’t think it’s really the right thing to do. At the end of the day they might get the wrong idea about a relationship because we keep so busy that there really isn’t time for that. Our focus right now is on our music and we aren’t ready at this point in our careers to get involved with someone seriously.

    Plus, we would really to hate to lose fans if things don’t work out. I think it’s a good idea to add a new rule of not dating fans to the Alerta Zero rule book.”

    Ibarra: “I agree that it’s not a good idea to date a fan. Personally I rather meet someone not involved in this industry at all so that there is a better chance that they will be supportive and understand the demands of our job.”

    What do you hope audiences will learn from watching?

    Rodriguez: “Our struggle. I want audiences to see the hard times we go through, living together and performing in front of crowds that could sometimes be large and sometimes consist of ones a lot smaller. “

    What was your favorite thing about Miami?

    All: “The beautiful women!”