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Mexican Mutant Makes Miami Sizzle: X-Men: Days of Future Past Premiere



    It’s only appropriate that "X-Men: Days of Future Past" premiered in South Florida this week. South Florida’s hottest superstar Latinos, including Carlos Ponce and Karent Sierra attended the event to support the first Mexican mutant in the comic book flick, “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

    Meet Sunspot, played by Mexican actor Adan Canto. This mutant is “muy caliente” (pun intended) with the ability to harness the sun’s energy to become a fire-breathing, flame-throwing hot head! Canto told NBC 6 that he was reaffirmed at the South Beach premiere Monday night on why the comic book movies are so successful. “It was amazing to see everyone be so supportive and happy for this movie, and for my participation. I’m just thrilled," Canto said.

    In this film, the X-Men sends Wolverine into the past, hoping to change history and salvage their kind and the humans who help them.

    Sunspot is a member of the “New Mutants,” a group of junior X-Men. Canto said that while he was filming, he felt like a “more dramatic weatherman,” being surrounded by a green screen.

    Although we’re introduced to the New Mutants in this film, there are some familiar faces. Hugh Jackman is back playing Wolverine, Halle Berry is also back as Storm. Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique, a character able to shapeshift.

    Being surrounded by all these A-listers, Canto said he felt right at home on set. “Everyone, including the producers were very warm, I felt very sheltered," Canto said.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past premieres in theaters on Friday, May 23.