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Miami Jewelry Designers Talk Summer Trends



    Armed with a passion for fine jewelry and a rich cultural background from their home country of Ecuador, sisters Olga and Maria Alexandra Medina combined forces for their debut line, Jeux De Vie. Filled with hearts, handcuffs,and horseshoes, shoppers can purchase items via their website,

    Latin Beat visited their pop-up shop at the L’Oreal Paris Summer Beauty Bash at Casa Tua last week to learn about the hottest jewelry trends of the season.

    What makes Jeux De Vie different to other jewelry collection currently on the market?
    Olga: “All of our pieces are uniquely handmade so no two pieces will be the same. Two people could order the same exact item and they will be different since we don’t use molds.”

    What are some of the hot jewelry trends women should keep in mind when shopping this summer?

    Olga: “Women should definitely be layering their jewelry this season. Everything from necklaces, bracelets and even rings can be layered. Keep in mind that we are moving away from the more chunky look and going more towards thinner styles for a more delicate look. “

    Your line features some pretty fun designs. Where do you find inspiration when creating new pieces?

    Olga: “We really find inspiration in everything we do. The line translates directly into the game of life. We loosely translated it into the joy of living. The joy of living comes with all its perils, its happiness, and its fun moments, so we keep each in mind when we’re designing.”

    What do each of you contribute as individuals to the line?
    Maria Alexandra: “We do everything as a team for Jeux De Vie. We both design but my sister Olga does a lot of our PR and I work on production and the finances.”

    Does living in Miami inspire you?
    Olga: “Of course! Miami is so hot! There is so much beauty around the city everywhere you go. The weather is great, the people are happy and welcoming, and the community has been so great to work with.”

    What is your advice to any up and coming designers or women looking to start a business?
    Maria Alexandra: “Don’t put it off, just go ahead and do it. Many times people will overthink and never do the things they really want to do. If you don’t take the risk, you will never make it.”

    Olga: “Things are never going to be perfect or easy. If you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity it may never come. Don’t postpone it, just do it! If it doesn’t work out, you can always try something else.”

    Hispanics in Hollywood are so hot right now. If you could have your jewelry on anyone, who would it be?

    Maria Alexandra: “I would pick Sofia Vergara. I love her and I think she is an inspiration to us Latinas.”

    Olga: “We’ve been following her career for a long time, so I would say Sofia Vergara as well. Or Shakira! We grew up watching them and it would be so great to see one of them wearing something from our line. They’ve gone so far and it’s admirable. We love them both.”