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Natti Natasha: 5 Latin Billboard Nominations



    To her fans it may seem like Natti Natasha has had relatively quick success.

    After Don Omar heard her singing in a New York studio, he vowed to mentor and guide her musically. Since then, she has been traveling the world and performing on some of the most recognized stages.

    This year, she is nominated in five Latin Billboard categories for her song “Dutty Love” with Don Omar.

    But Natti Natasha said her success has not come easy. She said it was God’s will, being at the right place at the right time, hard work and the love from her family.

    “It wasn’t fast. It's something that I’ve been pursuing since I was a little girl, but you have to pursue it and give your 100 percent. Nothing is impossible,” Natti Natasha said. “It’s still me, it’s the same girl with the same dreams.”

    She is working on her next album and promoting her new song with Farruko “Crazy in Love.”

    “Some people say they don’t believe in love or they don’t agree with love,” Natti Natasha said. “But the people in the song don’t care, they are crazy in love.”

    She said she hopes to continue collaborating with various artists but will soon also have her own music. She feels comfortable in both English and Spanish and will most likely sing in both languages.

    “This just means Latinos can really do it. Latinos are powerful,” she said. “I’m here, my dream came true. We have the dreams and when we put our minds into something we do it.”

    As Natti Natasha looks back, she hopes to never forget where she came from. She wants to grow with her fans, particularly those that have been there since the beginning.

    She added that she has the full support of her family. Her parents, brother and sister are proud of her accomplishments.

    “The love they give me, they are so sweet and so humble and my success is their success,” she said. “That keeps me up, that keeps me pursuing, that keeps me being happy for what I accomplished and what I still have to accomplish.”