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Nightbox hits Miami



     Nightbox is comprised of five musicians who hail from Canada, and their sound can only be described as somewhere between indie pop rock and dance. The group has a history that stretches back into their childhood, as the entire band grew up in the same neighborhood and then moved to Toronto together to make music. The close knit group released their first EP, in 2011 and are currently on tour. Their tour stopped in Miami this past weekend at Grand Central, as Nightbox will be opening for Dragonette for a few tour stops. While on their way to Miami, Nightbox shared what their music is all about and what they have coming up in the future:


    The genre of the group is simply described as 'liquid'. How exactly would you describe that to someone who has never heard your music?


    It's the perfect hybrid of rock and dance music, flooded with pop melodies. Music to sweat to.


    The entire group has grown up in the same town and went to school together. Has the creative dynamic been impacted heavily due to knowing each other for so long?


    Yeah, we all grew up together, but only since we moved to Toronto and started living in a house together was there a real positive development in our creative process. Because we've known each other for so long it's become really easy to bounce new ideas off each other and share influences.


    After being in the studio for a bit to record, you are currently on tour. Now that you're back on the road, what are the things you are looking forward to doing here in Miami?


    We're looking forward to blowing the roof off Grand Central. It's the biggest show of the tour and we've heard good things about crowds in Miami. It'll be awesome.


    The EP that launched it all was released in 2011. What are some of the experiences and influences that you've experienced since then will be popping up on your debut album?


    We want our live experience to be as exciting as our record experience and being on the road a lot since releasing our EP has helped us achieve that goal with the new record. I also became a lot more open and vulnerable lyrically on the new record. There was much more to be inspired about and write about this time around. The darker lyrics make a nice contrast to the upbeat grooves.


    Speaking of the debut album: When can fans expect a release date?


    [To be determined]. But we're really excited to finally share it with everyone. Last week we just released a new single 'Utopia'.

    What are you currently listening to?


    As we drive to Miami right now, this is what's on our ipods:


    Nick Bitove: Classixx - Hanging Gardens


    James Tebbitt: Air - Le femme d'argent


    Andrew Keyes: Suicide - Ghost rider


    Jacob Bitove: Dr Dre - Chronic 2001

    James Shelly: Pacha's Ibiza mix