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Spotify Expands To Latin America



    On-demand music application Spotify took its first steps into the Latin American market with their launch in Mexico last week.

    New Markets Lead Bahigh Acuna spoke to Latin Beat at the Latin Billboard Conference ahead of his participation on a panel that discussed how new musical services are targeting Latin listeners.

    “[Latin America] is a huge market that loves music,” Acuna said. “With the addition of Mexico brings us to a total of 28 countries with accessibility to Spotify around the world. We are really excited about the expansion into Mexico, it will bring revenue to the artists, record labels, and us, while providing our expansive library of music to listeners through our free model with advertisements or at an affordable price if you prefer no ads.”

    With Latin America covering so many different countries, Acuna promises they are thinking of everyone when adding music to their library.

    "We have agreements with more than 300,000 record labels including the three big ones, plus indie and expanding labels all over the world. We know how important it is to have a wide variety of music including regional music specific to each country. Before we launch somewhere new, we reach agreements with local labels or music aggregators to have all the music regionalized and adapted to for that country.”

    There is a planned rollout into other Latin American countries before the end of the year and into 2014, though Acuna could not confirm which countries are next in line.

    “The way we consume music now is different to how it used to be in our grandparents era. They would buy a record and listen to it for many years. Today, people will buy a song and get tired of it after a few weeks. With Spotify you have access to all our music, you can create playlists, and you can even follow President Obama’s favorite songs. You can also discover new music based on what your network of friends, family, and favorite artists are listening to.”