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Boca Tanning Club Hopes Salon Will Be a "Shore" Thing



    The Boca Tanning Club is enough to make the "Jersey Shore" crew swoon -- at least it's owner hopes so.

    Boca Tanning Club owner Zurami Pascual said she hopes the bronze-toned crew from the popular MTV reality TV show will make an appearance at the club's new digs, which opened last night with a VIP blowout -- and we aren't talking about Pauly D's signature 'do.

    So will the rumored South-Florida-bound cast show up?

    "I hope so," Pascual said.

    The space, outfitted in a full rainforest motif and murals by renowned pop artists Carlos Navarro, played host to Jon Secada, Barbara Becker, Jorge Moreno and Lili Estefan Wednesday night. A slew of body-painted dancers and men on stilts were also on hand to celebrate the location's arrival in Brickell.

    "I wanted to change the tanning industry," Pascual said. "I made a tanning salon that was basically a museum. I wanted the Latin flavor."

    The salon includes private, labeled super beds, built-in sound systems and cooling mist sprays. It's open 24 hours.

    "We cater to the elite people of Miami," added Pascual, "which is basically everyone."