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DJ Joe Dert: From Ozzfest to the Decks



    DJ Joe Dert said he fell into a career of spinning after touring in a nu-metal band with acts like System of a Down, Megadeath and held a slot at Ozzfest.

    “I wouldn’t call it a fall-back career -- just a new way to produce music,” said the Miami native whose real name is Joe Eshenazi.

    “This all started as a favor to a friend at Automatic Slims,” he said. “I needed a way to support myself financially that would allow me to work with the band as well.”

    Eshenazi, once signed to Columbia Records with the band ENDO, has worked as a producer, drummer and now an internationally renowned DJ. But the red-haired rocker said he's never forgot his roots in Miami where he sees big changes afoot. 

    “Miami’s music scene is going through a huge transition,” he said.

    “I think mainstream music soon will be electro house music. In the next year, I think that will dominate music we will be hearing. ... You will always have your hip-hop parties, but I think house music will have a big return. Especially here in Miami.”