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"Miami Beach: The Musical" Director: "Jersey Shore" Didn't Ruin the Magic City



    Director of "Miami Beach: The Musical" David Kingery said reality TV shows such as "Jersey Shore" and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" has not tarnished South Beach.

    “Any publicity is good publicity, right?" Kingery told Niteside. "I think that kind of television just comes along with any big city these days. I think it's much like at one point in the ‘90s, it was much less commercial. But then Lincoln Road, which was once just little shops and art galleries, got a Gap and things changed. It was transformation for us too.

    "It doesn’t ruin the city; it's just different. “

    And as the writer, director and star of the play, “Miami Beach: The Musical,” Kingery helped create a production around a place he said was much more than a tourist destination. In one song performed in the musical, Kingery said he talks about 130 years of Miami Beach history in four minutes.

    “It makes you realize how much history and past this city has," he said. "The beach was kind of a mangrove island that people came in, took over and made paradise out of a swamp like land. “

    Kingery, a University Of Miami graduate and Miami Beach resident of more than 16 years, said for a play that deals with immigration, racism and equality, it’s a production no Magic City mover is going to want to miss.

    “You can expect a Broadway like musical. There is song, dance, comedy, drama," he said. "We don’t leave anybody out when it comes to Miami Beach. Racism, segregation, fun, party night life -- everything that has developed and all the people that have been part of Miami Beaches past is represented on stage.”