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Mega Music Video Director: "Jersey Shore" Cast Was Great to Work With



    The music video director who worked on Enrique Iglesias "I Like It" with the "Jersey Shore" crew said the rowdy bunch were pros when it came to working on set.

    "They have this reputation, are all super nice," David Rousseau told Niteside before heading out to Los Angeles for the Video Music Awards earlier this month.

    "On TV, they are playing a role. ... They are great to work with. All of them. I can't say enough." 

    Rousseau, who worked with the cast on the VMA nominated video “I Like It,” not only got to work with his pal Pitbull, but also the star Enrique Iglesias, who put his musical comeback in the directors hands.

    “During the video shoot, Enrique turned to me and said, ‘This has to be big. This is the biggest thing I have done in years.’ And I remember thinking, ‘Ok, no pressure at all.’  It was a fun video to make,” he said.

    He couldn’t help but add,  “He is the kind of artist, that he just has an aura. There is a reason that he makes 80,000 women scream at his concerts. Being there in person, I get it.”

    And Enrique isn’t the only star putting his talents in the Miami native’s hands. Soon to be sprung Lil Wayne brought Rousseau onboard for his much anticipated video “I’m Not A Human Being” that leaked earlier this month. But he tells Niteside there is much more to come from the hip hop star.

    “The video leaked, and it wasn’t the finished product. That is a rough version. The actual finished product is coming out at the end of September. Were going for a more edgy vibe. You know, he is talking about being out of this world. And were trying to push it visually. “