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Miami Plastic Surgeon Shows How to "Heidi Yourself"



    While many people foundreality star Heidi Montag’s ten plastic surgery procedures, um, unusal, Dr. Michael Salzhauer wasn't fazed.

    “When I first saw it, I thought she was a little bit young to have ten procedures,” the Bal Harbour surgeon told Niteside. “If it is eight little things and maybe two big things, honestly, that isn’t that out of the ordinary. She had about five or six, which is honestly a little much, but not that crazy.“

    And with the constant pressure of being under the media microscope, it was is not that surprising that Heidi and many other celebs decide to go under the knife.

    “I mean, you have to look at it like she is in Hollywood and there is a lot of pressure to look as perfect as possible. And from my understanding she wanted to go from plain girl look to Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshell thing. In that respect, she achieved her goal. “

    The connoisseur of cosmetic surgery, who teamed up with MTV UK to create the web application “Heidi Yourself,” says that Montag’s surgeries, like buttocks augmentation and liposuction of neck, waist and thighs, might sound out of the ordinary for some, but is just another day at the office.

    “Carving out your backside to give you more curves -- we do that a lot actually," Salzhauer said. "That is one of the most popular surgeries I’m doing right now. People are coming in every day asking for it. It works really well -- half the girls in the office have got it done.”

    With Montag admitting she almost died after her procedure, Salzhauer suggests if you are personally looking to “Heidi Yourself,” do your research first.

    “Go to a board certified physician, make sure they have a lot of experience, and look at other patients' testimonials. You need full medical clearance from a medical doctor. That is really important--that is what happened with Kanye West’s mom, she had a heart attack because she didn’t get medical clearance. Don’t rush it! “