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Front Man for Indie Rockers Modernage: We Break Miami Rules



    Miami-based band Modernage made their debut at Kill Your Idol last night after a six-month break from the local music scene. And front man Mario Garibaldi said it was no coincidence they chose the off-the-beaten-path hipster haunt as their homecoming venue. 

    "We've never really been a band that stuck to the Miami rules," Garibaldi told Niteside. "We love what everyone does and we play at a lot of venues. A lot of bands play Churchill's on a constant basis and Sweat Records, and that's great. But for some reason we always look for a different angle for things."

    He added, "We needed something a little more intimate and this was the right spot."

    Garibaldi said the band's hiatus was rooted in a variety of factors -- including working in a new bassist -- but was caused mostly by the fivesome's desire to have fewer distractions when they produced their first album.

    "We were way overdue for an LP, we never released anything longer than an EP," Garibaldi said. "We needed to literally just go back to an acoustic setting to figure out of all the songs we've written for a long time, which ones we were going to sit down and actually record."

    "We didn't want to worry about getting sidetracked by performing live while we were in the studio, so it made sense to just shut that out."

    Now with the album set to drop by February 2011, Garibaldi said we can expect to see the band popping up more on the South Florida scene.

    "There will definitely be more," he said. "We are keeping it very local until the release of the album. We miss playing live, and we miss playing here."