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NiteTalk: The Viceroy's Go-To Gal Amanda Nosal



    Nightclubbing doesn't get much swankier -- or higher -- than at The Viceroy's Club 50. Perched atop one of Miami's most magnificent skyscrapers and designed to evoke perhaps Alice in Babylon, this cloud-kissing hotspot has been a hit with hipsters of all stripes since night one. Much of the reason for The Viceroy's unparalleled success is due to one Amanda Nosal, a worldly-wise and with-it go-to gal who knows just what it takes to shake some action.

    Okay, for those few who haven't yet been there, please tell us a bit about The Viceroy. What is it, what goes on there and what's the concept? The Viceroy Hotel Group was established in 2001. It debuted in Santa Monica and Palm Springs. Viceroy Miami is the new flagship of the brand. It brought us to the East Coast and more firmly established a new luxury hotel group that opened three new properties in the last six months. The concept behind Viceroy Hotel Group that carries through each property is to deliver luxury lifestyle experiences that marry provocative design and intuitive service in sought after locations.

    You're The Viceroy's Nightlife Director. Can you explain a little about what that job actually entails?
    I basically figure out how to get guests to come to our food and beverage outlets. This has focused a lot on Club 50 over the past six months because running a lounge in Miami is competitive. I book all of the DJs, bands and work with the various promoters that we hire. I also work with a lot of media and shoot requests for the property -- anything that gets our brand out there.

    Winter Music Conference is coming up. What's going down at The Viceroy that week? Even if I didn't work there, I would be posted up on a lounge chair at the Club 50 pool deck all week during WMC. We are open and have talent every day starting on Monday through Sunday. We start it off with Monday afternoon's pool party featuring David Vendetta and Micah the Violinist, Ruben Moran (Sax), Ron Carroll, John Shelvin, among others. On Thursday we go a little more open format and have Fashion, Clinton Sparks and Whiteshadow. Friday's pool party closes with Cedric Gervais, Tocadisco & Friends and John Shelvin. Saturday pretty much wraps the week with one great DJ after another.

    Prior to Miami, you were doing similar work at Angels and Kings in Barcelona. What are some of the differences between Spanish and Floridian nightlife?
    Shockingly -- the hours! I know Miami is a late city ... but in Spain we sometimes didn't close the bar until 8 a.m. The music is a lot more techno than what we usually hear here. I tried to go with open format a couple nights to remain true to the brand there, but the crowd really didn't get into hip hop at all. Open format seems to really work for our space here in Miami.

    Before Barcelona you were handling events for Gen Art in both L.A. and Chicago. What were some of the bigger parties you threw?
    I started out as a fashion show producer so my favorite Gen Art events will always and forever be the Fresh Faces shows. 1500 people, eight fashion designers, a full runway show and then an amazing three-hour afterparty -- it was so challenging but rewarding.

    How has your experience with Gen Art helped you with single venues? Gen Art was about creating a one of a kind event that drew a crowd. Single venues, I am trying to draw a crowd every night so it can't be as complex of a party ... but the same elements have to remain. Good drinks, good service, great music.

    What, in your opinion, makes for a perfect night out?
    Great music. If I am out with friends and the DJ is really good I am totally happy.

    When you're not handling the action at one of Miami's hippest joints, how do you spend your time? The nightlife industry doesn't give me a ton of time off but when I get it, I use it to spend down time with friends and family. I travel a ton, I practice a lot of yoga and I love the impromptu house party.

    When you're not on site at The Viceroy, where do you like to hang out? I guess I am a true city lover because I tend to spend my time on my side of the bridge. My favorite restaurants right now are Joey's in Wynwood and Redlight. When I go out, it is usually in search of some new DJs or bands, which definitely doesn't feel like work. If I could spend a year hanging out at every single outdoor music festival in the world, I would.

    What's next for Amanda Nosal?
    I'm working on starting my own company -- focusing on nightlife programming as well as moving back into fashion show production. Oh, and I am house hunting. I have been living at the Viceroy for almost a year now, and it's time to get my own place. So if anyone knows of anything? Let me know.