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NiteTalk: DJ Danny Stern Spins South Beach's Hippest Inns



    In a DJ's world, you are where you spin. That makes Danny Stern something of a phenomenon. Because spending every weekend spinning to crowds at SoFlo hotspots The Delano, The Gansevoort and The W Ft. Lauderdale is a phenomenal accomplishment in anybody's trackbook.

    What's it like soundtracking Friday nights in a place like The Delano? My experience at The Delano has been really amazing. Each night is always unique in its own way, and you're never really quite sure who you'll run into. I've seen everyone from Al Green to D Wade rocking out. The music always varies too because you're constantly getting all sorts of traffic coming through. When the lobby is rockin,' it gets pretty intense. It's always sexy though, but hey, it is The Delano!

    Does what you spin there differ much from what you spin on Saturdays at Plunge? Yeah, I'd say so. At The Gansevoort I spin a more hip hop-infused open format and that includes everything from Biggie to The Scissor Sisters to Avicii. Whatever it takes to rock the rooftop.

    What about the Wet Sundays up at Whisky Blue? W Sundays have been amazing as well. I spun WET all summer long, which is a very similar format to Plunge. The party's been moved into Whiskey Blue until Salvation Sundays starts back up in May, so Sunday night now is an industry night -- a lot of old school.

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    Are any of these nights for TAI Entertainment? Actually none right now are TAI's. However I can say it was my residence at their Sunday Soiree party at the Raleigh that launched my career. During the day I work with Tommy [Pooch] and Alan [Roth] at TAI, and I've learned a lot from them.

    What would you call what you play anyway?
    I really do play a bit of everything -- from hip hop to indie rock. I started out as a breakbeat DJ and during my college years I played underground raves in D.C. and Baltimore. Slowly I progressed into a being a house DJ, and now I guess I'd consider myself open format. I really don't like to brand my style though because I really play to the crowd so whatever is rocking them is what I'll play.

    Can you name a few cool tracks that are currently topping your playlist? Some of my new favorites are Cee Lo's "Bright Light Bigger City," Avicci vs Rock & Axwell's "Bromance in the Air," Jesse Marco and Jonny Famous's "Da Funky Ass Jolene" and Sromae's "Alorse on Danse."

    What about classics and tried-and-true tracks that keep cropping up in your set? I'd say more modern classics: Fedde Le Grand's "Let Me Think about It," Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and The Ting Ting's "Shut up and Let Me Go."

    If you were given the chance to tour the world with one superstar DJ, who would it be? Can I choose two superstar DJs? If I can they'd be Steve Aoki and/or Erick Morillo.