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NiteTalk: Grace Castro & Chelsea Conklin on The Wynwood Squat



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    You probably know them from Fashion’s Night Out, when they showcased an onslaught of hot young talent. Or maybe you know them simply as The District Factory, the outfit that outdoes itself every time it puts something on the Design line. They are Grace Castro and Chelsea Conklin, and this Second Saturday the tag team will be bringing their spirited affairs south a few blocks for The Wynwood Squat. Niteside got the gals to fill us in.

    What's the big idea behind The Wynwood Squat? At the core, The Wynwood Squat is filling a niche by providing young brands in fashion and art with an affordable space to showcase and sell their work. Opening a storefront is hard to come by these days and online stores don't provide an opportunity to meet your consumer face to face. We add the bells and whistles that get people there – music, cocktails, cool art, and a great vibe.

    Whose big idea was it anyway? We connected after producing our own independent markets in the Miami Design District. We both had a vision of this communal type of atmosphere that in essence is a new breed of retail that mixes a lot of brands and entertainment elements, offering something for everyone.

    Who else is behind the enterprise? Just us! Thing 1 and Thing 2.

    How'd David Lombardi become involved? David had the chance to go to our last event, The District Factory, during Fashion's Night Out. He liked the concept and offered the opportunity to use one of his Properties to do something similar in Wynwood.

    What's the actual lineup of participants? In addition to the more than 30 local designers and artists, partners include Bar Lab Spirited Mixology, Societe Perrier, Miami Magazine, and O Cinema to name a few.

    Do you see this becoming a regular affair? Currently The Wynwood Squat is once a month during Art Walk. Starting in January, we will work to outfit the space for creatives to utilize seven days a week. On the weekend it will be a pop-up shop and during the week it will double as a communal workspace with lots of needed amenities for start-up entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Membership-based, we will offer workshops and networking opportunities to help our members grow both personally and professionally.

    Anything else we need to know before you go-go? It's been a really great experience, fun, and rewarding to watch the designers who've followed us for the last six months grow and evolve their brands. The concept, at this level, has been very well received by the community as a cool spot to shop uncommon and meet the face behind the brands. This Saturday marks the launch of The Squat and we hope to see you there!

    The Wynwood Squat takes place Saturday, October 13 from 7-11pm at 120 NW 25th St in Wynwood. For more information log on here.