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NiteTalk: Paul Isaac, The Voice of People From Venus



    If you've been out and about any time over the last year or so and encountered a rag-tag gang of glam cats who claim to be from outer space you most likely were facing People From Venus. Gerson Lima, Ari Eisensteinand Ben Belin are the respective guitar, bass and drums of the band. Paul Isaac is its voice. And together they are the next-big-thing in wham-bam electro punk. Niteside asked the roarful Isaac to let loose on a few things. Here's how it went down:

    Who are People From Venus and why should we love them? Who are we? Who is everyone and what are we all doing here running around together? It's a philosophical question really, like a sparkle in the speakers. We're just an electro punk band. We've been looking for an answer to your question night and day. I can say we don't believe in what society tells us to be. Most the time it's the things we can't see that are more real then anything, mate. Yeah, it's out of sight, it's alright.

    PFV has just released its debut LP --"Toot Toot Yeah!" Does the title mean what I think it means?
    So let's start with the roads we take when she says she loves you, when we're trying to understand the trip, man, to chase away the ugliness. When we forget who we are. It's only in that instant, in the here right now. I don't know what it means, man. I know the record sounds like a party. It's our generation's time for revolution. The world is changing and it's time to celebrate. It's no drag. It's a brilliant time to be alive. Toot Toot Yeah! is basically a punk love song record.

    The LP's lead single "Kite" is pretty high-flying. Is there a story there? "Kite" is a song for freedom. When you're just loosing your head, you feel like your gonna explode into a million pieces and you just let go. What do I know? It usually takes about a year before a song honestly reveals itself to me. I'll get back to you then.

    People From Venus seem to be a part of a very hip and happening scene. What's all the excitement about? We're all just a bunch of weirdoes hanging out with lots of other weirdoes who all happen to all be artists in some shape or form. PFV as a band, well, we are somewhat reclusive. We tend to go into states of hibernation to capture the soul in the noise. There is an underground movement of kids who are not gonna let you tell them what to do, man. PFV has been causing trouble. We've been holding on to air, selling whatever we can to pay the rent. It's been the most transformational time in my life.

    Speaking of hip, some of our town's hippest DJs have lent their talents to remixing some of PFV's hippest tracks. Can you fill us in on which DJ is doing what and when can we hear it? Cosmo (Brett Thorngren) has become an integral part of PFV, as he takes our punk songs and turns then into dance tracks. He is quite brilliant really. I had lyrics and melodies for a song that ended up being called "Control." I sang over music he wrote. It sounds like Candyland. He also remixed PFV songs "Future is Wild" and "Kite."

    Another key DJ (and blogger) is Ray Millian from Off the Radar Music. He keeps us all on our toes on his blog and supports artists like People from Venus by playing our songs in hip clubs. I can't explain what is happening. I can say it's all just energy here.

    Miami's not known as a rock town, yet PFV seems to be doing better than A-Okay. Do you think our town's got what it takes to support forward-thinking rock music? Miami for us is a brilliant place to write songs. Gerson and I both find it to be a very creative place. There's a beauty, but there's also a battle -- something to overcome. You know things are changing at the speed of light.

    I'll say one thing: it's not about the city. It's about the people in the city. It's up to each one of us to yell.

    Since we're on the subject of support, if you had your choice of any band, living or dead, to open up for on tour, who would it be (and why)? Radiohead or the Stones 'cause they both talk to me.

    PFV has some kinda something coming up at Sweat Records. Can you give us the lowdown?
      We're doing a totally stripped down in-store performance Thursday, March 18, at 8 p.m. Ben is gonna be trying this electric drum kit, and Gerson will be doing some satellite thing. This one we hope to capture humanity and simplicity in the static.
    You and your bandmates are well known not just to go out, but to go way out, every single night of the week. What are some of PFV's favorite hangs? I get a lot of inspiration from people so I try to remember what the hell happened the night before. We hang at Vagabond, White Room, Purdy, Rok Bar, Bardot, The Abbey, The Room, Electric Pickle ... sometimes, honestly, man, we got so much to do it's a miracle.

    What's next for People From Venus?
    We are currently building our business team along side Danny Chasan and Tandi Wilder, among others, 'cause we need to get on the road soon. We just released a PFV APP for iPhone. It has all our music, blogs, pics, dirty secrets and videos. It's a brilliant way to connect with us now. We are looking for support in the U.K. at the moment for a long tour. In the meantime we continue to write new songs.

    There's a movement and it's just about to explode -- I can smell it!