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NiteTalk: Plain White T's Pop the Top off Grand Central



    The big boys from Buick blew into town to break out their spiffy new Regal GS last night and they did so with enough great food and long tall drink to leave each of the 900 plus in attendance at Grand Central sated for the ages. The highlight of the wild night was a 90-minute set by Plain White T's, who performed a hearty handful off their upcoming LP Wonders of the Younger, a cool collection of back catalog rarities, as well as the obligatory world-wide hits. Niteside caught singer Tom Higgenson at The Mondrian prior to the blow-out show. 

    Welcome to Miami! Thanks! We love it down here. Be nice if the rain would go away though. I was all ready to hit the beach today.

    You're only in town for the one day? Yeah, we got in last night around midnight; went to eat at 8oz Burger, which was amazing. Then we've got a 6am flight tomorrow.

    Ouch. This isn't you're first time staging down here though, is it?
    No, we've played here a buncha times -- with Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes at The Fillmore and Panic at the Disco and Dashboard Confessional at the BankUnited Center. We always have a blast.

    Everyone's psyched about Wonders of the Younger; I trust there's a story behind the title?
    Yeah, I caught a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas and something about it just really hit home. I felt like I was a kid again watching it. So I left there thinking, 'man, I wanna give somebody this feeling. And I just had the title "Wonders of the Younger" stuck in my head for some reason. Then I also had a kid while I was already in the mind set for the album and it all kinda clicked.

    It's got a great hook; it's a dynamite sentiment too. Thanks!

    Wonders comes out on December 7th. Will you immediately go back on the road? We have a buncha radio shows throughout December, then they're talking about a show on January 20th, I think, and then it's on from there.

    Well, please make sure Miami makes it on that itinerary too
    . Definitely.

    You dig the road? Oh yeah. And it's exciting to be back out.

    When did the band actually first start touring full-on? Back in 2000-2001, and we've basically been on the road ever since.

    But the road also means more interviews where people ask about "Delilah," doesn't it?
    Of course. That's inevitable. I don't mind, though we're still trying to one-up it. "Delilah" got two Grammy nominations; it was number one in 10 countries. It's kinda hard to top that.

    I'll bet. What was it like being at the Grammies? I got to meet Ringo and Yoko and George Martin, the Beatles' producer; they were all sitting right by us. That was pretty badass.

    Wow! How'd that happen? We were up for one of the big awards, and as soon as we lost, there was a commercial break and I was so pissed off I said, 'F*&# it, I'm gonna go say hi to Ringo.' I told him we lost and he said 'Smile, man; you're here!'