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NiteTalk: South Beach's Swingin' Nicolas Clichy Coeur de Roy



    It's no secret that a rather small clique is responsible for much of the hottest action on South Beach. The trick is getting to know who's really who. For the past decade and change, a certain Frenchman has been in on most of what's what everywhere that's hot. And whether he's keeping out the riff-raff at the door or keeping in the swells once they've made their way where it's happening, this cat is determined to ensure South Beach stays all that. His name is Nicolas Clichy Coeur de Roy, and he not only knows who's who -- he is one of them.

    How did you first get involved in the South Beach scene? When I first moved to South Beach I got a job at Amnesia (now Klutch) as a bartender, bottle server and, eventually, door man. And from there everything snowballed.

    What doors are you manning now?
    Currently I'm doing the door at the Delano on Tuesday nights for Tommy and Michelle Pooch and Alan Roth (TAI), and on Friday and/or Saturday at Pink Room.

    For those few folks who don't yet know, what are the dos and don'ts at a nightclub door? Never give attitude to the door man, don't drop names without even personally knowing the person; bring a lot of hot girls, dress with style, book a table and be willing to spend.

    You're also in the promo game. Which parties are you involved with?
    Right now I'm involved with Thursday night's dinner party at Philippe (again with Tommy and Michelle Pooch and Alan Roth), and I promote for Tantra, Mokai, Delano, Florida Room, Pink Room, and the RX pool party up at Plunge (Gansevoort's rooftop every Saturday night).

    I like to be in different places every night of the week. It's actually a must when you're a promoter, this way people don't get bored of the same venue and party.

    What makes South Beach such a hot town for nightclubbing anyway? The diversity of the nightclubs and the fact that we have the most gorgeous women on the planet, all of whom are willing to have fun. People come to South Beach for two reasons: the beach and to party. And we capitalize on both.

    Is there another city in the world that's comparable?St. Tropez is the only city half way comparable to South Beach -- and that's half way.

    When you're not working, where do you most dig going? When I'm not working I stay away from the clubs and hangout either with my daughter or my friends.

    What's coming up for Nicolas Clichy Coeur de Roy?
    A couple of good new parties coming up, so stay tuned. I want to keep putting my name out there and grow as a promoter.