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NiteTalk: Yuval Ofir Flicks Florida Brew at Yo Space



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    If beer isn’t our national beverage, it’s surely close to it. With the plethora of local brews popping up, it’s increasingly also our neighborhood beverage. Movies, as everyone knows, are the stuff myths and dreams are made of, which is undoubtedly why they rank high as a national pastime. When the flicks skew local, we set a certain stock in them too. So what do you get when you combine some keen-eyed Miami types and a few stellar Florida brews? Yo-Miami’s A Taste of Film, which takes place Tuesday, July 31 at Yo Space. Yo Miami himself Yuval Ofir explains.

    For the few who don’t yet know, what briefly is Yo Miami? I think of it as being like all those comedy clubs in New York back in the ‘70s that helped the now-famous comedians get their start. In the same way all those comedians traveled in close-knit circles, all the artists I know have very few degrees of separation between them. I like to think of it as kind of a cross between Warhol's Factory and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory; giving talent a platform from which to be recognized, whether physically at Yo Space or online through our Facebook page.

    What’s the big idea behind A Taste of Film? I've always been a film buff and a lot of my friends went to film school, so that's where the kernel of the idea of having a short film showcase came from; and then while in the tasting room at Tampa’s Cigar City Brewery, my girlfriend and I were talking about event ideas before meeting with the VP and it just clicked.

    What films will be being screened this evening?Sole Food by David Yaffe; EYESORE The Miami Campaign by Frankie Coto; Fuga by Pablo Cervino; With Me by Fro Rojas; Mace & Hatchet by Giovanni Torres.

    Whose beer will be served with which flick? I don't have the pairings yet, but there will be beers from Cigar City Brewing (Maduro Brown Ale and Jai Alai IPA), Wynwood Brewing Company (Black IPA and a single malt/single hop) and Subvert Ales (Stout and Coffee Porter or Cucumber Pale).

    Are there any other activities and/or participants we need to know about? A friend of mine who performs under the moniker Mista Spoz is going to be playing a live set after the films; this'll be his first show back in the States after a six-month stint in Israel (and literally the day after he gets back). Also the Los Chamos food truck will be there with their Venezuelan fare.

    This is all goin’ down at Yo’s relatively brand new Space, right? Yes, though that’s not how it was originally planned. We had to shift the locations at the last minute so there was definitely some scrambling involved to make it happen, but despite my generally acknowledged cynicism it's probably for the best. Now the event will be in a more laid-back homey environment instead of South Beach, and we'll be able to add the live music and food truck elements. It's also an opportunity to test out screening movies at the space since up till now we've only had art exhibits (our monthly Average Joe Art Sales), and it's something I’ve always had in mind to introduce there.

    What other kinds of action will Yo Space be hosting? It's pretty open to suggestion at this point. I've had requests to host everything from spoken word/hip hop nights to reality TV shoots so it's really more a question of sticking to what I think best reflects the spirit of Yo Miami and will keep people coming back for more, because there are unique things happening there rather than just because it's the hip place to go at the moment.

    Yo-Miami’s A Taste of Film takes place Tuesday, July 31 from 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. at Yo Space 294 NE 62nd St. in Miami. For more information log on here.