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Celeb Photog Danny Clinch: No Good Reason "Jersey Shore" Stars Are Famous



    If anyone understands the mind of a superstar, it's celebrity photographer Danny Clinch.

    He has, after all, shot everyone from Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson to Bjork, Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z, has scored two Grammy nominations and been published in Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.

    Certain stars have talent and charisma that make them unlike mere mortals. Others? Not so much.

    "The guys from 'Jersey Shore' are famous for no good reason," Clinch told Niteside. "[But] people like Jay-Z have such charisma and he is so talented in the way he sees and describes the world. It's the same thing with Bruce Springsteen -- you can be having a conversation with him and the way he phrases things and the way he converses is just different; it's kind of poetic."

    The same could be said of the man on the other side of the lens, though he sometimes finds himself at a loss for words. He described a shoot with Johnny Cash that led to the Man in Black using one of the images for the cover of his album, "American III: Solitary Man."

    "It was really epic," Clinch said. "During the shoot, I asked him to play the guitar so I could snap a few photos of him in action. We were sitting there and I looked up and Johnny Cash was playing me a song. As a huge fan of music, the experience was just amazing -- there is just no way to describe the feeling."

    Clinch, who will be making his first appearance at Art Basel this year, has teamed up with Miami artist Miguel Paredes to debut a one-of-a-kind collaborative gallery at The National Hotel starting tomorrow.

    So who else was a memorable subject? You may not be shocked to hear this: Bjork.

    "People have, um, a lot of different opinions about her," Clinch said. "But I have photographed her twice and what I noticed about her was that she immediately engaged the camera. She would always be wearing something really interesting and she gave back in a way that was very subtle but when I got the pictures back, I was just like, 'Wow, she's got it.'"

    And what about one of his favorite subjects, Willie Nelson, and his recent marijuana possession arrest?

    "The recent or the few others he has? I think they just need to leave the guy alone already. Its time he got a free pass."