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Artist Corey Michaels: I Want to Make Pop Music Popular Again



    Artist and sometimes actor Corey Michaels, whose soon-to-be-released album of dance-inducing pop tunes, said on the eve of his release party that he wants to spearhead a resurgance in pop music.

    “Pop was the drug of choice in the late ‘90s, and I feel like I have been in music rehab for too long,” quipped the Miami resident and Florida International University grad.

    “It was time for to me get in the studio and make pop music popular again.”

    Michaels, whose release of his album "Who Killed the King?" will be feted tomorrow night at Score Nightclub, said he left the stability of teaching gig for the volitile world of entertainment because he had to practice what he preached.

    “I went into teaching because I wanted to make an impact on peoples lives," he said. "I loved everything about my old job, but I couldn’t tell my kids to follow their dreams when I wasn’t following mine.”

    He shrugged off any notion that, in the wake of Christina Aguilera's album flopping, his dance-pop sound would not be well-received.

    "I understand that I might be over-the-top for some," he said, "but my music will get you on the dance floor. That is all that matters.”

    Michaels worked with mega producers The Fliptones -- who have also put down tracks for Britney Spears, Carlos Santana and FloRida -- to bring his “Who Killed The King?” album to life.

    The artist also said he received some wisdom from a somewhat unlikely source.

    “Ru Paul has given me the best advice to date,” he said, discussing his time spent filming with the famous drag queen on the stet of the film "Another Gay Sequel."

    “He told me, ‘Don’t give a bleep about what other people think -- always stay true.’”