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NiteTalk: Nightlife Fixture Tara Solomon Looks to Settle Down



    PR guru and socialite Tara Solomon can usually be found schmoozing in the South Beach party circuit in her signature sky-high stilettos and dazzling bling. But the nightlife fixture and head of TARA Ink public relations firm is now looking to settle down and she and soon-to-be-hubby Nick D'Annunzio are vying to be finalists in The Ultimate Wedding Contest. Solomon dished on wedding details, why she turned down reality TV and why she waited 12 years to tie the knot.

    How did you end up in Miami? I’m a UM girl! I went to the University of Miami. I studied communication and marketing. But I vacationed here as a child and have loved Miami Beach from the get go. This city brings out the passion in me.

    How did you make the transition from journalism to public relations? Everyone always told me that I should go into public relations. Back then, journalism and public relations were very church and state: you were one or the other and never crossed that line. But while writing my Miami Herald column Queen Of The Night, I was approached by Wet Seal to represent Arden B. I had never done PR, but I had always done PR. I taught myself the business and next thing I knew I was representing Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour.

    How did you meet Nick?
    We met at nightclub -- Shadow Lounge -- on Miami Beach. It was Dec. 7, 1997, and we both happened to be sitting at the same table with mutual friends. One point he came over, sat next to me and than complimented my Gucci shoes. I became very suspect of this very nice and gorgeous man. I played super hard to get because I really didn’t want a relationship. But eventually I gave in.

    Why wait 12 years to finally tie the knot?
    When you meet the real deal, you don’t really feel the rush. The recent passing of my father has inspired me too. Soon after he died, I found the Daily Candy email mentioning The Ultimate Wedding Contest. I thought to myself, 'What am I waiting for?' I have always put work first and can be a workaholic. I decided I owed it to myself to put my life and relationship first.

    How do you deal with the negative press about your relationship?
    When the negative press starts rolling in, that’s when you know you’re successful. You learn to have thick skin in this industry, but you have to remember that it’s about the people throwing the spears. It is usually someone so unhappy trying to make others unhappy to ease their pain. You learn to live your life the way you want to and mine is going to be happy and positive.

    You are one of the most successful women in Miami. Do you think you have it all? No! I don’t think anyone really has it all. I’m always trying to enhance my life and everyone else’s around me. But, in all honesty, I have never been happier.

    How do you balance work life, events, love, staying in shape, etc? It goes back to what exists on the inside, is what emanates on the outside. I work on the inside before I work on the outside. Things like morning meditation, evening prayer, Sunday church and having great people I can speak to about anything.

    There were rumors that you were supposed to be featured on "Real Housewives of Miami," but turned it down. Why?
    It has actually been changed now to the "Miami Social Club," but Nick and I took a lot of time to think about the decision. We loved the product, we loved the producers, we love our friends that are doing the show, but it just didn’t feel right. The last thing I would want is something I poured my heart and soul into turn out to be less than flattering for me, Nick and ultimately our families.

    What is in the future for Miss Tara Solomon?
    Immediate future? Definitely finishing our condo renovation, beautify our office space, get more involved in charity, and possibly do a book. Ultimate goal is to lead my life with happiness, grace, compassion and to help others along the way.