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Squatter Finally Booted From This $2.5 Million Florida Mansion

Squatter Finally Booted From This $2.5 Million Florida Mansion



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    A squatter is booted from a $2.5 million residence in Boca Raton.

    Boca Raton Police have evicted Andre "Loki Boy" Barbosa from the home he had been squatting in, on Thursday, reports ABC News.

    Barbosa filed for "adverse possession" with the county, an archaic Florida law which allows the resident to legally take ownership after seven years in the absence of a title or other documents. Barbosa only was required to file a legal notice with the property appraiser, pay taxes and liens, and lived in the house "in an open manner," and the house was his. 
    The foreclosed home is owned by Bank of America, but it's been eighteen months since anyone (besides Barbosa) has taken residence there. 
    Boca Police and the state attorney's office worked together to determine "a trespassing charge could apply" and warned Barbosa that remaining in the home could mean he was trespassing. When they entered the home, they found personal belongings but no people.
    The case was the most valuable adverse possession attempted in Palm Beach County in ten years, and has inspired several copycat adverse possession filings, making them a much more common occurrence.