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Aaron Eckhart Has His Own Fanboy Questions About "Dark Knight" Sequel

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    Like his character Two-Face in “The Dark Knight,” Aaron Eckhart is of two minds over Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film.
    On the one hand, he’ll miss being a part of the fun since Harvey Dent was killed off, but as a fan he’s also dying to know what Nolan’s got planned next – or as Eckhart told Popcorn Biz, “I’m dead to know.”

    Eckart says he’s keeping up on “all the gossip, like having Angelina Jolie in it or Johnny Depp in it – I'm digging all that kind of stuff!” And he’s not above going to his own inside sources. “In fact, I just talked to Chris the other day. I saw him and I said, 'So, Angelina as Catwoman?' I talked to him about it as a fan, you know? I'd like to see that. Or Johnny Depp as the Riddler, right?”

    But the actor, who stars in the upcoming "Battle: Los Angeles," says he isn’t really bummed he won’t get a second stint as Two-Face. “Not at all. It was such a great experience to be one off and to be in the movie with Heath [Ledger], and to have Chris even put me in the movie is just wonderful. I just feel like it's its own entity. It's its own capsule in the Batman series. So they'll go on and I'll watch them and be very happy with what I have.”