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Arctic Seed Vault Script Is "Ocean's 11" Meets "Children of Men"



    Buried deep in the side of a mountain on the Arctic Circle sits humanity's last chance for survival: a seed vault containing the sole remaining genetic samples of the foods that have kept us going for centuries.

    This fantastically bizarre real-life scenario is at the heart of "The Vault," a screenplay that's being described as "'Ocean’s 11' meets... Children of Men,'" written by former comic book and "Lost" writer Brian K. Vaughn, tweeted Production Weekly.

     The full description comes by way of /film:

    When a terrifying plague destroys crops and causes starvation on a global scale, the world’s greatest thief must break into the extremist-controlled Doomsday Vault to steal the one seed that could prevent the extinction of the human race.

    Construction of the vault began in 2006, and since then the Norwegian government, who footed the $9 million bill for the project, has  collected more than 400,000 seed samples from all over the globe. That part is true.

    In addition to his time on "Lost," Vaughn was the creative force behind Marvel's "Runaways," "Y: The Last Man" and "Ex Machina," each of which is on track to hit the big screen.

    If "The Vault" doesn't get bought soon, you can expect to see it on next year's Black List.