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Russell Crowe Sought for "Noah" and "RoboCop"



    Russell Crowe hasn't starred in a film that was both a commercial and critical success in roughly five years. In 2010 he starred in two of the year's more disappointing films ("Robin Hood" tanked, "The Next 3 Days" was terrible). And yet, this week finds him being courted for three huge projects.

    Yesterday the world was abuzz with the "news" that Crowe and Will Smith had agreed to take roles in Akiva Goldsman's adaptation of "Winter's Tale," Mark Helprin's brilliant novel about New York City. But Crowe's involvement had been known for some time, and the announcement was little more than a cry for attention from investors.

    Now comes word, via Deadline, that Crowe is Darren Aronofsky's choice to take the lead in his Biblical epic, "Noah," which the writer-director has been developing since he was about 13. And Liam "Wolf Puncher" Neeson is being considered for a role, possibly the villain (God? Rain? Ham?). Aronofsky had been hoping to land Christian Bale for the role, but that guy's got like six Terrence Malick films lined up.

    And then there's "RoboCop," the long foundering reboot of the 1987 Paul Verhoeven classic that Aronofsky bailed on ages ago. It seems that MGM is also interested in Crowe.

    "Sure, Russell Crowe, MIGHT star in Aronofsky's NOAH... but do you know what else he MIGHT star in? Three words: Ro. Bo. Cop." tweeted Jeff Sneider of Variety.

    Purely as an actor, Crowe is a great fit for Noah, and he could work as RoboCop, though he feels a little old. What we have doubts about is Crowe as a box office draw. Both these films will have huge budgets, probably north of $100 million, and the last time Crowe pulled an that would justify that kind of cash was "A Beautiful Mind" in 2001.