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The 2010 Emmys: Handicapping the Race for Supporting Actor in a Drama



    In the weeks leading up to the Emmys on Aug. 29, PopcornBiz will be sizing up the nominees in the 10 biggest categories. It would not be wise to use this for wagering.

    Martin Short, "Damages"
    Still so strange to see Martin Short without that perpetual goofy grin on his face. But Short is showing we have to take his serious seriously on his first regular drama series. The nomination only confirms it. That should be enough for now. Odds of winning: 9 to 1.

    John Slattery, "Mad Men"
    While the world focuses the show's dysfunctional center in Jon Hamm, it's the equally-dapper Slattery who frequently steals the scenes with his politically incorrect barbs thrown out with unyielding confidence. But he won't be leaving his Emmy table. That's okay, because they serve cocktails there. Odds of winning: 6 to 1.

    Andre Braugher, "Men of a Certain Age"
    The Academy gives the thumbs up to Braugher's transition from tough-talking life on the streets to Ray Romano's TNT show about dealing with middle age -- even though only 10 episodes of the series actually aired. Odds of winning: 5 to 1.

    Aaron Paul, "Breaking Bad"
    Paul is as much of the center of this show as his tv dad Bryan Cranston. While impressive, his performances are not going to be enough to overcome the grand "Lost" exit. Odds of winning: 4 to 1.

    Terry O'Quinn, "Lost"
    With the Academy likely to give a big wet kiss to "Lost" after it's triumphant run, O'Quinn was due with his captivating exit season. It's a coin-toss between O'Quinn and his unblinking co-star Emerson. Odds of winning: 3 to 1.

    Michael Emerson, "Lost"
    What better way to pay tribute to "Lost" than a final nod to the show's mysterious, twisted center? There is none. We will hear that measured monotone once again -- this time from the awards podium. Maybe he can explain the "Lost" ending from there.
    Odds of winning: 2 to 1.