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Thursday Watch List: Sweepsploitation!



    Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch at home while you stay at home and knit yourself a tent. Sure, it can’t resist wind. But there’s nothing homier than a hand-knitted tent for all your camping needs. LET’S GO!

    THE BIG BANG THEORY – 8:00PM (CBS) The nerd comedy gets the perfect guest star in Eliza Dushku, pin-up to Joss Whedon lovers the world over. Dushku (or as I call her, The Dush) plays an FBI agent in charge of getting Howard’s security clearance. Or is she a vampire-slaying clone farm girl whose services can be auctioned off to the highest bidder? I dunno, but I really hope she busts out the “Bring It On” costume. ANTICIPATION: DUSHKU!

    PRIVATE PRACTICE – 10:00PM (ABC) ABC’s “Grey’s” spinoff went into a very touchy area last week when Charlotte was assaulted and raped by a mentally unhinged ER patient. Tonight’s episode deals with the fallout from that attack. The gals at Jezebel are justifiably wary of the plotline used during sweeps. Then again, “Law & Order: SVU” uses ugly assault plotlines like this so often, you’d think they were handing them out at the craft service table. ANTICIPATION: WALKING THE LINE!

    THE OFFICE – 9:00PM (NBC) After scoring ratings gold with Jim & Pam’s wedding and Jim & Pam’s childbirth, the “Office” folks milk the Jim & Pam teat a little bit further with a baptism episode. Be there for more future Jim & Pam special episodes, including Jim & Pam’s kid’s first birthday party (WHOA! Everyone from work showed up somehow!), Jim & Pam’s SECOND kid, and Jim & Pam’s divorce and future reconciliation. The well ain’t even close to dry, people! ANTICIPATION: JIMPAMNESS!

    THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS – 10:00PM (Bravo – an NBC/Universal network) Taylor spends $50,000 on a lavish tea party for her spoiled brat kid’s fourth birthday party. Because if kids love anything, it’s cucumber sandwiches and cups of boiling hot Darjeeeling. ANTICIPATION: RICH TRASH!

    THE FAIRY JOBMOTHER – 9:00PM (Lifetime) Lifetime adapts this British reality show for American audiences. Career specialist Hayley Taylor will help unemployed women find jobs. Though according to one article, “in the U.S. version, the show’s participants won’t be called unemployed or jobless, they’ll be ‘job challenged’” Does that mean they get special parking spots? ANTICIPATION: GET TO WORK, GIRL!