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    TAKE THE CUPCAKE: All those broads in Beverly Hills get all the goods. They get George Clooney, the Hollywood sign and Sprinkles Bakery. Anyone who is anyone in "the hills" shops and eats Sprinkles; Barbara Streisand even found them worthy enough to send to Oprah as a thank you. We might not have Sprinkles, but we have the next best thing. Yes Ma'am Cupcakes isn’t your momma's bakery -- it is a home-run businesses led by two sisters: one an ex-photographer/graphic designer and the other an ex-model. They're simple and delicious, like their simply vanilla cupcakes called “Simply V” or the red velvet cupcake named “Devilish Red Nuvet.” Even better than their competition, they range in sizes from mini to giant (literally, they are giant). And if cupcakes aren’t your style, they can customize any cake to your liking. The best part of this whole deal? They deliver the goods. GET IT: $1.50-$35.00. www.yesmaam.us/kitchen-sweets/