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    SWEETS INVADE THE BEACH:Miami Beach has been taken over this weekend by all the greatest food and wine in the country. Yet a tiny little cake is taking over the beach one sweet bite at a time. This weekend, Pennsylvania-based dessert company Sweet Streets Dessert made their debut in South Florida at the South Beach Food and Wine festival. After 30 years in business, they said hello to Miami at Bubble Q hosted by Emeril Lagasse, and then were caught roving around town sharing their sweetness in their customized "dessert mobile." Considered the gourmet dessert leader in the foodservice world, you can now buy the sweets outside of the finest restaurants and have them sent directly to you. Choose from cupcakes, gourmet pies, and brownies, all available to your doorstep and guaranteed to satisfy your soul. GET IT:Box of 16 for $52.95.