Celebrating Black History

Celebrating Black History: GraceKennedy Foods Celebrates 100 Years While Educating the Future

The company started as small trading operation in 1922 and has grown into one of the Caribbean’s largest corporations

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Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Red Snapper...is your mouth watering yet?

If you have had one of these traditional Jamaican dishes, you’ve likely tasted the food and spices from GraceKennedy. During the month of February, GraceKennedy Foods celebrates its 100th anniversary in the food industry, a milestone for a company with facilities right here in South Florida.  

The company started as small trading operation in 1922 and has grown into one of the Caribbean’s largest corporations. The group has offices across the globe, including right here in South Florida .

“We are a part of the Jamaican life and the experience. So, if you are Jamaican you would have had Grace at some point," President and Chief Executive Officer of GraceKennedy Derrick Reckord said. "And, if you are visitor, then there is a chance with the pepper sauce on the table to Jamaican food it is spiced.”

Nestled in the small town of Medley, food is being packaged to be sent to stores across Florida and along the East Coast.  The building in South Florida is just one of many in their network of facilities that span across the Caribbean, North and Central American, the United Kingdom, Europe and now Africa.

Along with getting canned ackee and packaged porridge out to customers , the company is focused on supporting the next generation through its Birthright Program.

College students, like Harvard University senior Tarik Graham, are exposed to professional, educational and most importantly cultural experiences with the brand.

“I chose to participate because is was a really great opportunity for me to get in touch with my roots," Graham said. "It’s allowed me to see a side of Jamaica that I don’t get to see often - so I was really grateful for it.”

The program was temporary halted due to the pandemic, but will return later this year.

As for the future of GraceKennedy, the company plans to expand to wider reach across the United States. For more information about the fellowship/internship program, click on this link.

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