Helping Hands: Miami Non-Profit Makes a Business by Helping Businesses Amid Pandemic

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The kitchen at Boia De, a restaurant based in Miami, was busy on a Tuesday afternoon. A special sandwich was on the menu for pick-up at no cost to the customer.

“It feel great to give back to the community,” said Chef and owner Alex Meyer.

He and his partner opened their small restaurant just over a year ago, and quickly business was booming, but the pandemic changed everything. Now, the business is doing what it can to keep everyone employed.

The Miami chapter of a non-profit organization, called Food Rescue US, is helping Meyer's restaurant and others with a little business, funding food distributions.

At the same time, the organization is helping those dealing with food insecurity.

So, on this day, that free sandwich at Boia De is meeting two different community needs.

"We actually fund the restaurants to open, pay their staff and they provide food that’s given out as free meals," says Ellen Bowen, the Miami Site Director of Food Rescue US.

To date, an estimated 38,000 meals have been given out in the Miami area, and that number is growing according to Bowen.

If you want to help this initiative with a donation visit Food Rescue US's website.

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