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‘Come Here And Recharge': Pharrell Williams, Dave Grutman On New Miami Beach Hotel ‘The Goodtime'

Described as a tropical oasis, the 266-room hotel stretches across 100,00 square feet of public space and features a pool deck, gym, dining area, and even library.

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The curfew has been lifted in Miami-Dade, just in time for entrepreneur Dave Grutman and singer Pharrell Williams to once again leave their mark on the Magic City.

Grutman, Miami's "King of Nightlife," and Williams, a globally-acclaimed artist, have teamed up to launch the Goodtime Hotel, a new "tropical oasis" boasting 266 rooms, a spacious pool deck, gym, dining area and even library.

Located on Miami Beach's Washington Avenue and 6th Street, the Goodtime Hotel stretches over almost 100,000 square feet of public space, according to a press release.

The hotel is described as a hub of culture and energy, a vacation within a vacation -- a full-on experience from the second you walk in. 

“We want to kind of feed the energy of you. Everyone has their own inhibitions and we’re giving you a platform to let loose," Grutman said. 

“Yeah..come here and recharge," Williams added. “This is a 40 thousand square foot pool…an acre above in the air. This is where you are and get a chance to be,” Williams said.

You can’t look at the over-the-top striped twin pools at Strawberry Moon and not smile. From the 17 cabanas to the powder-coated palm frond structures, each corner complements each other -- much like the owners of the Goodtime Hotel.

When asked about how they bring out the best in each other, Williams said: “I've never said this before, but we’re both artists and I pride myself in some of my greatest works across all many artistic disciplines is to work with masters who have really good taste."

"Dave has amazing taste. His whole thing is not ever falling bellow the standard or expectation, so curation is his art form.”

A spirit of excellence is evident between these two business partners. Whether you come in for a drink, a meal, a dip in the pool or just to chill… the 266-room property will leave you feeling energized and inspired. 

You won’t be spending much time in your hotel room, but if you do the Goodtime Hotel will make sure you look fashionable. 

“Your room is for you to sleep. Now, it’s nicely done, very nicely done. Ken Fulk didn’t cut any corners trust us, “ Williams noted. 

That he didn’t. The Virginia-born celebrity designer curated every single detail from the ground up.

“From the beginning, we really wanted to do something new and something that was like no where else and paid tribute to this place. I have forever had this romantic notion around Miami and its history. So, this was all trying to create a love letter to this city and to this place that I am very fond of,” said Fulk.

Grutman is also very fond of the city that has made him who he is and knows everything about having a good time, but this year it’ll go beyond that.

"A big part of our business is to give back and has been to create goodwill. When you create goodwill, good things happen."

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