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Celebrities vs. Paparazzi: Stars Flash Back



    Celebrities vs. Paparazzi: Stars Flash Back
    Adam Harvey/AHProjects.com
    Back at you...vulture.

    Celebrities might finally have a way to deter the pesky paparazzi from snapping those unwanted candids of their private, embarrassing and sometimes incriminating moments. 

    In the past, famous folks only had the choice of fight or flight when the pap hounds were on their tail.  Unfortunately, when celebs choose to fight it gets caught on camera. Hugh Grant once kicked a paparazzo in the groin while out on the town in NYC this past June.  Hayden Panettiere has tried screaming at them. And who can forget Britney's umbrella attack?

    Fortunately for the stars, New York University graduate student Adam Harvey may have come up with a solution that will foil the photogs without the embarrassment of the world seeing them lose their cool. 

    Harvey, who is in the Interactive Telecommunications program at NYU, invented a patent-pending "Anti Paparazzi" device that detects the photographer's camera flash, and responds with a flash back that obscures the photograph. 

    Currently the gadget fits inside a ladies clutch, but Harvey hopes to shrink it down to the size of a pendant or a tie tack, according to PDN

    Sounds great for shy celebrities but not so great for gossip junkies trying to get their fix of the latest celebrity shoving food in their face.