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Crowe Snaps When "Robin Hood" Accent Questioned

Storms out of BBC interview over question about movie brogue



    Crowe Snaps When "Robin Hood" Accent Questioned
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    Russell Crowe


    Russell Crowe's infamous temper was on display again when the "Robin Hood" actor stormed out of an interview with the BBC when queried about his accent in the film.

    "You've got dead ears, mate – seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent," Crowe barked at interviewer Mark Lawson when asked about hints of a brogue in his portrayal of the Nottingham legend.

    Lawson, the BBC's arts critic, then asked Crowe if the accent was meant to be northern, according to the Telegraph of London.

    Crowe replied: "No I was going for an Italian ... missed it? F--- me."

    Crowe, star of "Gladiator" and "Beautiful Mind," stormed out when Lawson asked whether it was true that he wanted to say the famous line in Gladiator: "I'll take my revenge in this life or the next."

    On his way out, Crowe muttered, "I don't get the Irish thing by the way. I don't get it at all."

    Crowe has said he was seeking a Yorkshire accent because several scholars believe the outlaw was from there, and not Nottingham.

    Lawson may have gotten off lucky. Others who have provoked the 46-year-old actor have not fared as well. In 2005, an enraged Crowe threw a telephone at an employee at New York's Mercer Hotel because the worker didn't help him place a call. He was initially charged with assault, but copped a plea, settled with the worker and called the incident "possibly the most shameful situation that I've ever gotten myself in."