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Dish Of Salt: Top 10 TV Quotes Of The Week, 2/27/09



    Dish Of Salt: Top 10 TV Quotes Of The Week, 2/27/09

    #10 — "Women are like crock pots. They heat up very slowly to get to a simmer. Men are microwaves. A to Z. Boom!"

    -- Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker"

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    Matchmaker Patti Stanger to the cameras when one of her male clients tries to move to fast on a first date.

    #9 – "Everything's gone cocoa for koo koo poops. Is that right?"

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    -- NBC's "30 Rock"

    Elisa (Salma Hayek) mangling the famous line "koo koo for Cocoa Puffs" to Jack Donaghy (Alex Baldwin) while everyone is trying to leave the city due to the economic crisis.

    #8 — "You ask what I remember. I remember dying."

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    -- ABC's "Lost"

    A very much alive John Locke to a surviving passenger on the crashed airliner Ajira Airways Flight #316 that transported him in a coffin. The same plane that somehow returned Jack, Kate, Ben, Sayid, Hurley and Sun to the island.

    #7 — "Oh boy! Mama's got on her power suit again. Just because you have a pregnant teenager doesn't mean you can be a governor."

    -- ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"

    George to wife Anne (Molly Ringwald) who is dressed in a suit for a job interview.

    #6 — "She's an infected sheet, dawg!"

    -- VH1's "I Love Money"

    T-Weed talking to The Entertainer about MILF and her manipulating ways.

    #5 — "Do you ever shut up? "

    -- FOX's "American Idol"

    Kara DioGuardi chiding Simon Cowell after she tells her to "take her time" while critiquing contestants Kris Allen and Megan Corkery.

    #4 — "I know I'm a sex kitten this morning there is no doubt in my mind"

    -- CBS's "Survivor: Tocantins"

    Fifty-three-year-old bus driver contestant Sandy about herself as the rest of her tribe discusses the sleep they had gotten the night before.

    #3 — "We are going on to this next gig and sometimes I read that it's time for Conan to grow up because he is going to 11:30 and I assure you that's not going to happen!"

    -- NBC's "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

    Conan O'Brien saying goodbye in the final moments of his last show before he takes over the "Tonight Show" on June 1.

    #2 — "I just want to say one thing about Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts is probably the best actor I ever worked with and I don't know why in the last 15 years ain't nobody give him a chance to show his s*** again."

    -- IFC's "Film Independent's Spirit Awards"

    Mickey Rourke's interesting beginning statements about his pal Eric Roberts while accepting the award for Best Actor for "The Wrestler."

    #1 – "You commie, homo-loving sons of guns. I did not expect this and I want it to be very clear that I know how hard I make it to appreciate me, often."

    -- ABC's "81st Annual Academy Awards"

    Sean Penn accepting his best actor Oscar for "Milk"

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