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James Franco's Rejected UCLA Speech

Lost tapes of actor's speech found...



    James Franco's Rejected UCLA Speech
    Franco on Franco

    When "Pineapple Express" star James Franco backed out of his duties as UCLA commencement speaker last month, he caught alot of flack, even though nobody really wanted him there in the first place.

    Now it appears the actor did the students a favor by not showing up. Newly released footage of his planned remarks shows that they would have been a disaster.

    Actually, it's a clip from Funny or Die where Franco pokes fun at himself, and it's almost worth him being a no-show.

    (Warning: Audio NSFW)

    James Franco's Rejected UCLA Commencement Speech from James Franco

    One of the best parts is when Franco compares himself to Barack Obama, who, of course, never passed up a reason to make a speech.

    Fortunately, UCLA was able to get another celebrity to replace Franco for the graduation ceremonies, Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson.