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Fergie Cleans Up Her Act

Sexy singer wants to tone it down



    Fergie Cleans Up Her Act
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    Eyed Peas' frontwoman Fergie is cleaning up her act and her self-admitted potty mouth.

    "Fergalicious" is going G-rated.

    "I wasn't trying to be a role model with The Dutchess," singer Fergie, 34, said in a Marie Claire interview, referring to her first 2006 solo album.

    "But suddenly, seeing little girls in the audience with their moms made me think about what I do onstage a little bit more. I had to watch my mouth, because it can be filthy. It changed things for me," she said.

    The three-time Grammy Award-winning star climbed to fame on stiletto heels, singing club hits like "My Humps" while shaking her hips in revealing apparel -- but now that she's got the attention of a younger crowd, she's second guessing her sexed-up style, she told the magazine.

    Sasha Obama is one of the Black Eyed Peas singer's biggest fans and she was invited to perform at the annual White House Easter Egg hunt at the 8-year old's request.

    "Fergalicious" is Sasha's favorite song.

    Her new marriage may also be contributing to her desire to tone it down. Fergie admits that life with "Transformers" star, Josh Duhamel, is far from the party life evoked from some of her album covers, according to Marie Claire.

    "In the evening, we'll order Indian or Chinese, turn on the fire pit, and talk about old times," she told the mag. "He might tell me what he was doing back in North Dakota when some Phil Collins song came out. We're pretty chill."

    And kids of their own remain a possibility. "Just not during this tour," she said.