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Nude Madonna Photo Sells for $37,500

A pic of the pop diva in her birthday suit rakes in the dough at Christie's



    Nude Madonna Photo Sells for $37,500
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    A nude photo that Madonna only banked $25 from in 1979 sold for $37,500 at auction Thursday.

    "Like A Virgin?" Talk about false advertising.

    A nude picture of pop superstar Madonna sold for $37,000 at a Christie's auction Thursday afternoon, CNN reports.

    The racy photo was supposed to pull between $10,000 and $15,000 at the auction, but raked in double the price when an anonymous bidder dropped the big bucks over the phone.

    A pre-stardom Madonna shot the 13-inch by 8-inch photo in 1979 as part of a series for Playboy that was shot by photographer Lee Friedlander. The singer, one of music's all-time best-selling artists, received a mere $25 for the entire shoot.

    Christie's announced the sale of the black-and-white photograph in January.

    The photo of Madonna unclothed before she got Blonde Amibition can be viewed on Christie's site. It is decidedly Not Safe For Work.