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3 Dua Lipa Concertgoers Injured After Unsanctioned Fireworks Are Set Off During Toronto Show

Three concertgoers suffered from minor injuries after unauthorized fireworks were set off during Dua Lipa’s show in Toronto

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Three Dua Lipa fans sustained minor injuries during her recent concert in Toronto.

On July 27, authorities were called to Scotiabank Arena in response to reports that someone had thrown unauthorized fireworks towards the end of the "Levitating" singer's performance, according to People, citing Constable Cindy Chung, a Media Relations Officer for the Toronto police. 

Cindy said the concert attendees suffered from "very minor injuries" and were seen by medics who were working during the show.

Additionally, she told the outlet that the fireworks did not cause any damage to the building. Police are currently investigating the incident and do not have a suspect at this time. 

E! News has reached out to the Toronto police for comment but has not heard back yet. 

Fans who captured video footage from the incident have shared the clips on social media. In one TikTok, Dua is seen waving bye to her fans as she walked up the runway of the stage, while the loud sounds of the fireworks rang off in the background. The singer appeared confused as she rejoined her dancers on the main stage. 

Another video of the incident showed the fireworks going off on the lower level of the venue as fans—who thought they were part of the show—clapped and cheered from above. 

Concertgoer AJ Oliveira described the moment to The Toronto Star, saying, "We were right next to the fireworks. I thought it was a gun at first. I saw people running and screaming and wasn't sure if someone snuck them in, or if it was just a poor setup."

During the show, Oliveira said they were scared of getting burned. "It was popping and going off into the crowd," the fan said. "I wouldn't be surprised if anyone got hurt."

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