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Bird Brain: Netflix Warns Fans Off of 'Bird Box' Challenge



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    Netflix is warning people off of the latest challenge craze.

    Seems like just about everything inspires a social media challenge these days. But Netflix is warning fans of its new Sandra Bullock film "Bird Box" not to partake in the newest craze by the film that could lead to a few bumps and bruises at home.

    For those that haven't watched the film the premise involves Bullock's character trying to lead herself and her children to safety all while traveling blindfolded, unless they come upon an entity that has driven much of the population to commit suicide upon seeing it. The film has been compared by some to the 2018 horror hit "A Quiet Place" which had a similar sensory deprivation element. 

    While the film has proven extremely meme worthy, it's also inspired some to try the challenge of navigating while blindfolded at home and out in public, to varying degrees of success and injuries.